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The Government is asking parents to keep children at home whenever possible – schools remain open only for children who need to attend.

Home Learning

Home Learning 13.07.20

Home Learning Nursery 13.7.20

Home Learning Reception 13.7.20

Home Learning Year 1 13.7.20

Home Learning Year 2 13.7.20

Home Learning Year 3 13.7.20

Home Learning Year 4 13.7.20

Home Learning Year 5 13.7.20

Home Learning Year 6 13.7.20

Home Learning 06.07.20

Home Learning Nursery 6.7.20

Home Learning Reception 6.7.20

Home Learning Year 1 6.7.20

Home Learning Year 2 6.7.20

Home Learning Year 3 6.7.20

Home Learning Year 4 6.7.20

Home Learning Year 5 6.7.20

Boy 87 Planning Y6 6.7.20

Y6 English 7.7.20

Y6 English 9.7.20

Y6 English 10.7.20

Home learning is a great way of getting involved in your child’s school work; we love working with parents and carers to make sure our pupils are getting the best learning experience.

Every half term, each class will have at least one home learning project. Each class has slightly different homework and this may vary during the year as a focus changes from timetables, to reading, to phonics etc.

Sometimes this involves completing something every week or over a few weeks – some are research-based, some link to a class assembly, some are art or craft projects.  However big or small they are, they all show the children’s own ideas and reflections on a topic.

You can always ask the office for packs such as flashcards and timetables sets.  Also, don’t forget spelladrome and TT Rockstars.

Y1 home learning

Year 2 home learning

Y3 Home Learning

Year 4 Home learning

Year 5 Home learning

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