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It’s Beegu!- Year One find where Beegu is hiding

Year one have been reading the story Beegu. The little alien creature crash lands on earth from outer Space. The children had discovered a crash site in the outdoor area…

Year 1

Useful links for home learning – Y1 & Y2

Here are some links to work your child could do at home.  If you need more work, please contact school.

Year 1, Year 2

Year 1 made forest jewellery!

Year 1M have had a fantastic morning at Forest School making forest jewellery; necklaces and head pieces!

Year 1

Year 1b Fashion Show

Year 1 Designed their own clothes and made them using recycled and craft material. The parents came and watched them show off their creations in their very own fashion show….

Year 1

Learning about animals at Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Year 1 had a fantastic day out at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park. They learnt about why each animal was endangered and what conservationists are doing to help their survival. The…

Year 1

Year 1 make a fire in Forest School

Year 1 had a great time roasting marshmallows on a fire they built in Forest School. They learnt valuable skills about how to be safe and responsible around a fire….

Year 1