Parkland Post – 7 May

Parkland Post – 7 May

This Week

It has been a week of very unpredictable weather hasn’t it?  We haven’t known whether to dress for the rain, wind, heat or cold!  We are so glad that our pupils bring their coats into school on a daily basis as we simply don’t know what sort of weather we will have the pleasure of during the day.  Please remember to make sure your child’s name is in their coats and jumpers to ensure things are not misplaced; thank you.  

Meet our Staff

Hi everyone, Miss Lee here! 
Just a little bit about me. I have 3 children: Jasmine, 23, Kaye, 19 and Leon, 12. I am also a grandma to Taro who is 3 years old. You got me! He is a cat but nonetheless my baby. I grew up in Edinburgh near the infamous Edinburgh Castle. I would look out of my window on a night and imagine I was a guard protecting the castle from the jewel thief who was after the Queen’s crown!
I love hippos! I even have an adopted hippo named Gloria that lives in Edinburgh Zoo. The most exciting news I’ve had is that Gloria has just had a baby hippo calf! I usually go and see her every year but I’ve not been able to for obvious reasons. Hopefully, I will get the chance to see her and baby in the summer.  During my spare time, I like to cook and bake. What can I say? I just love eating. I do love a good pineapple upside down cake.
I was very cheeky when I was younger in high school and often got into trouble. To this day, my teacher from high school still remembers me. How do I know this? He taught Jasmine and Kaye as well and he is currently teaching Leon. Mr Hayward often tells Leon what I used to get up to in class.
Hopefully, I will be getting married in October this year. We’ve had to change our date twice! Let’s hope it’s 3rd time lucky! 
Remember to always smile and be kind. 🙂

Jet – Our School Dog

Jet has been in school twice this week – he has spent time in Reception on Tuesday where the children asked lots of fabulous questions such as: how old is he, what is his favourite toy, what is his favourite thing to do, what does he feel like?  The children were excited at the prospect of him coming to play and were going to write invitations to him.  He has even been asked if he would like to have stories read to him which of course he would love!  I think Reception are going to keep Jet very busy and happy over the course of the year!

Parents Evening

Our Parents’ Evenings will take place very soon.  They will have to run slightly different to normal due to Covid regulations.  Our staff will ring you at a specific time and you will have the usual 10 minute slot to discuss your child’s progress.  A separate letter will be sent out shortly.
We hope you have a safe and happy weekend; well done to all of the pupils who have been celebrated this week!

Parkland Pride

Do what matters most
Be yourself, always
Show you care
Succeed together



Progress and confidence in maths.

Kayleigh Mae

Confidence, growth and your positive attitude



Trying her best and never giving up.


Always being a great friend

Year 1


Making phenomenal progress in her reading and writing this half term.


Making super choices in her learning and showing others how to do the right thing.

Year 2


For his concentration in phonics


For trying her best in Maths

Year 3


For inspiring others to do their best and being a fantastic role model.


Looking after our learning environment and always showing respect.


For being a kind and helpful friend. You always offer to help others with their work and have a shiny positive attitude every day!


For fantastic improvement in your writing and handwriting. Your story is sounding really exciting!

Year 4


For trying hard and making an improvement in maths and reading. 


For always doing her best!

Year 5

Tyler D

Making a great start this week!


Being a great friend in class and conquering his worries and insecurities.

Year 6


impressive debating skills, building and presenting a case.


Recognising strengths in others as part of PSHE.