Parkland Post – 28 May

Parkland Post – 28 May

This Week

Welcome to this week’s Parkland Post!  We have had another action-packed week and we are all ready for the half term break so we can recharge our batteries, hopefully being able to get some much-needed sun.  It has been a very busy half term and our pupils have made us so proud in the way they have settled back into school life showing just how resilient they are.  
We would like to remind you how important attendance and punctuality is for your child.  Days off school soon add up and missing lessons makes it hard to catch up which results in your child having to work harder when they come back.  They often miss vital parts of the learning journey which can be unsettling for them and will affect the progress they make.  Let’s make the next half term our best yet for everybody being here every day and on time.
Careers Week and Careers Fair
The first week back after the half term holiday is our Careers Week where our pupils will have the chance to meet inspiring people who will be talking about their careers, their experiences and helping to challenge stereotypes when it comes to the world of work.  We can’t wait for our pupils to see what is out there for them.  This will end on Friday afternoon with a Careers Fair where our pupils will be able to walk round and chat to people about their careers, the career path and qualifications they have taken and there will be the opportunity to watch some breakdancing! 

Finally, we would like to thank you for your continued support over the last half term, we know it has been a tough one with the ever changing nature of the pandemic.  We hope you enjoy your half term holiday and we will see you back in school on Monday 7th June for our Careers Week.

Meet our Staff

Hello everyone, Miss Moncaster here! 
I have been teaching at Parkland for 3 years now, and have loved every second of getting to know all of our children! Teaching has always been a passion of mine, and I knew from being just 6 years old that I wanted to be a teacher. I spent a lot of my childhood helping my younger sister and cousin with their learning, and I knew I wanted to do it forever!

I LOVE animals, and spend a lot of my spare time at farms or zoos visiting all of the wild and wonderful animals. My favourite animal of all time is a giraffe, and one day I am hoping to be able to go to Africa on a safari to see them in their natural habitats.

When I’m not at school, I enjoy reading and so far since January of this year I have read 83 books! My mum calls me a book worm, and likes to share my books with me. I hope that one day in the future I will be able to write my own books for everyone else to read – maybe you might see them on a book shelf one day!

Covid Testing

If a person (child under 11 or adult) has symptoms of covid 19 such as, temperature, persistent new cough or loss of taste or smell they must take a PCR (Full test). Lateral flow tests are not suitable for children under the age of 11 and they are not for people who are displaying symptoms. Whilst you wait for your PCR result the whole household must isolate until the result is returned. You can book a test through 119 and they are usually able to make you an appointment for the same day, results within 24/48 hours. This is much more efficent than taking 10 days off of work or school for isolation. If you need help or advice call us or call 119. If in doubt keep them at home and let us know asap.


Following consultation with parents about our school uniform, we have decided against moving towards an active uniform as so many of you wanted to keep the existing one.  Please take a look at the uniform list below and ensure your child comes to school on Monday 7th June wearing the correct items of clothing.  This includes the footwear which has slipped recently – please ensure they are black shoes or trainers only with no logos or white soles.  Your child is still allowed to wear the active uniform every Wednesday but please remember to send them in a plain white T-shirt and black jogging bottoms.

Uniform – Co-op Academy Parkland (

Y6 Activity Day

Our Y6 Activity Day is on Saturday 17th June where they will be able to take part in climbing, skateboarding and aeroball to name but a few!  Please remember, if you haven’t done so already, to send in the reply slip and the money for this so we can get the day fully sorted.

Parkland Pride

Do what matters most
Be yourself, always
Show you care
Succeed together



For how well she has settled into Nursery routine.



For always being so kind and considerate.


For always being willing to help her friends. 

Year 1


For always being a kind and caring friend and helping others when they are stuck with work.


For growing in confidence and making great choices with her learning. Phoebe can now independently write a sentence perfectly!

Year 2


Being a good friend, working hard and always doing the right thing.


For her fantastic instruction writing using imperative verbs.

Year 3


For fantastic work in religious Education -explaining her ideas about religious responsibility and sharing these with the class


For super effort in her writing this week. Trying hard to improve her sentence structure and making her work more exciting. 


Always staying true to his word and doing the right thing always.


Showing a mature attitude and approach to learning. Particularly during RE week.

Year 4


For improved attitude to learning this half term.


For always trying his best with everything.

Year 5


Focussing on the task at hand, improving her own work and always being the best version of herself.


Taking responsibility for his own next steps and improvement. Enjoying learning and having a happy heart.

Year 6


His confidence and determination at swimming, Callum has moved up a group and is swimming further every week.


For his role in our press conference in English.