Parkland Post – 26th May

Parkland Post – 26th May

This week

Welcome to this week’s Parkland Post as we draw a close on this half term.  We have had a fabulous day celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee – everyone looked magnificent in red, white and blue!

Exciting news for Co-op Academy Parkland/Academy Head

I’m thrilled to share some exciting news with you all!

Crown Competition.

We had lots of entries for our crown competition this week and the effort and time that has obviously gone into them made it incredibly difficult for our independent judges to pick the winners.  So without further ado, your winners are:

Reception – Mollie-Anne

Year 1 – Willow A

Year 2 – Lily

G3/4A – Leila

G3/4NW – Amelia

Year 5 – Connor

Year 6 – Lucy

Pride Awards!



For showing perseverance and determination to improve her gymnastics skills.



For always looking for opportunities to write! Freddie has been writing sentences independently and is now able to read his writing back to an adult. 


 For always being so enthusiastic about learning! Nikki always joins in and looks for new opportunities to learn. Well done Nikki! 

Year 1


For being the first person in the class to help others if they need it.


For writing a fantastic, detailed diary entry this week in English.

Year 2


 Trying really hard to contribute to class discussions more and sharing your ideas.


Your much improved effort with your writing. Well done Melissa!

Year 3/4A


Always being kind and caring.  What a fantastic role model to have in our class and our school.  I am very proud to be your teacher.  


Making improvements with her times tables.  This is because she has been working on them at home too.  Well done. 

Year 3/4NW


Being a fantastic class member and friend. You always do the right thing!


Working really hard on her handwriting to ensure each letter is clear and well formed.

Year 5


Working so hard and being such a lovely member of the class.


Being a role model for all and being such a delight to teach.

Year 6


Pushing herself in maths this week.


Really looking out for his peers this week and showing his caring side.

Do what matters most
Be yourself, always
Show you care
Succeed together