Parkland Post – 21 May

Parkland Post – 21 May

This Week

Welcome to another installment of the Parkland Post!  What a busy week we have had, we have had the heating companies in who have begun the mammoth task of replacing our heating system around school.  We have dodged some of the most torrential rain and hail we have seen in a while which always seems to start at home time.  Our pupils have been incredibly busy with their learning and as we have walked around this week, we have seen some amazing engagement.

Year 3 have been learning about rivers and can happily tell you that each river has an upper, middle and lower course.  They have also been investigating the water table and now know that the height of this can change due to heavy rain which we know all about after this week’s weather!

Reception have been tackling litter this week and have been showing so many of our Co-op Values.  They have succeeded together by working in teams, they have shown they care as they are helping to look after our environment and they have done what mattered most; we are so proud of their efforts.

Year 6 have been continuing to learn about how oxygen moves around the body and have created model lungs.  They can confidently articulate the parts of the circulatory and respiratory systems and have been so enthusiastic about their new knowledge.

Spring Bank Food Hamper

We will be giving away spring bank food hampers for anyone who would like one this half term break, please call us or comment on the facebook post relating to this . You will be able to collect on Thu/Fri the 27th/28th.

We hope you have a wonderful weekend and we will see you next week for our last week before we break up for half term on Friday 28th May.

Meet our Staff

This week we learn a little bit about Mrs Barkerwood, our Year 5 Teacher.

I have been a teacher for 9 years, I am passionate about all things teaching but in particular Art and Geography, I have always been interested in learning about what happens in the world around us, and in turn teaching that to the children. I have three children, Meredith, Erica and Gabriel. They are aged 7, 5 and 3. I currently have 1 cat at home but I would love to adopt a Spanish street dog next!

I believe that teaching will change the world and that every child deserves an education!

Covid Testing

If a person (child under 11 or adult) has symptoms of covid 19 such as, temperature, persistent new cough or loss of taste or smell they must take a PCR (Full test). Lateral flow tests are not suitable for children under the age of 11 and they are not for people who are displaying symptoms. Whilst you wait for your PCR result the whole household must isolate until the result is returned. You can book a test through 119 and they are usually able to make you an appointment for the same day, results within 24/48 hours. This is much more efficent than taking 10 days off of work or school for isolation. If you need help or advice call us or call 119. If in doubt keep them at home and let us know asap.

Parkland Panthers- PE shout outs

Year 6- Cole and Layth

Year 5- Finn and Aaron

Year 3- Hunter and Bradley

Year 2- Jessie-Anne and William

Year 1- Charlea and Jacob S

You made a superb effort in your PE sessions this week, keep up the good work.

Parkland Pride

Do what matters most
Be yourself, always
Show you care
Succeed together



For her hard work blending sounds together in phonics.



For being a helpful and patient partner in phonics.


For sharing his great ideas at carpet time.

Year 1


Growing in independence and writing sentences using capital letters and full stops.


Trying his hardest to use finger spaces in all of his writing!

Year 2


For having a brilliant first week in Year 2.


For being a kind and hardworking member of the class.

Year 3


Being a kind friend to everyone.


Being yourself always and bringing joy to everyone.


Taking his role at school council really seriously. You always remind others about school.


Showing great empathy for others in our PSHE lessons. You always remind others about school expectations.

Year 4


Working hard to apply his phonics knowledge to his reading to improve fluency.


Always being polite and well mannered and giving 100 percent to everything.

Year 5


Giving everything her heart and soul, she is always showing empathy and compassion for others.


For enjoying being part of the class and working hard in all lessons.

Year 6


For the work she did in Science making an artificial lung – Miley was able to name the function of the lungs and respiratory system.

Connie & Eliza

For collaborative work they did in Science and for the way they supported others who were struggling.