Year 2

In Year Two, we also have continuous provision which allows pupils to develop their own interests and to take class learning further. We strongly encourage children to work independently on their own projects and also to complete ‘tasks’ given by staff. This helps to continue their love of learning and develop resilience.

Phonics, English and Maths are taught in small groups. The teachers are able to observe the children closely as they tackle new concepts and begin to reason with their new knowledge; feedback is instant and gaps are filled in the moment. Teaching this way ensures rapid progress as the teacher is able to extend the learning through targeted questioning and knowledge embedding conversations. The provision based approach doesn’t just provide the opportunity for the children to practise their skills through their play but it ensures the teachers can teach the children exactly what they need.

We update our curriculum info termly and that information can be found below.


curriculum planning Y2 Autumn

curriculum planning Y2 Spring

curriculum planning Y2 Summer