Nursery and Reception

In Early Years we use a whole child approach to early education, alongside direct teaching we use ‘in the moment’ planning to centre the children’s learning. This way of planning enables staff to capture the children’s current interests at that particular time then interact with the children and become involved in their play to build upon what the child is already doing, furthering their learning and development.
We use teachable moments, quality play interactions and sustained shared thinking to move learning forward within provision.
We communicate with parents in a variety of ways, including through the secure online app Tapestry which allows parents and staff to share how each child is learning. For us though, coming into Early Years is even more important and we encourage this through Stay and Play sessions and regular feedback sessions with parents.


Nursery half term overview:

We update our curriculum info termly, and that information can be found below.

Nursery Half Term Overview Autumn

Reception half term overview:

In Reception we use a child led approach to learning. The children are observed when playing and we use this to carefully plan their next steps. We develop provision and plan trips based on the children’s interests.

The children are encouraged to take risks and to be as independent as possible. Open ended resources allow for the children to use their imagination to explore, communicate and create and learn.