Day to Day Information

The School Day

School Day starts at 8.55 and ends at 3pm

Breakfast club runs from 7.45 am, at £1 per day or £50 per terms

Medicines in School

We will administer medicine which has been prescribed by a doctor, please complete a permission form at the main office

Treating Head Lice and Nits

Apply conditioner all over wet hair. Whilst the conditioner is on the hair, comb through with a tooth comb (nit comb). Rinse off conditioner, dry the hair and brush or comb thoroughly. Regular brushing of the hair in between washing (especially at night) also keeps the hair in a healthy condition. If you need a comb please call into the main office and we can provide you with one

Hot Weather

Please apply sun lotion before school and ensure your child has a sun hat when the weather is hot.