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The Government is asking parents to keep children at home whenever possible – schools remain open only for children who need to attend.


Co-op Academy Parkland follows the local authorities admissions procedures for :

  • Nursery Places
  • Reception admissions
  • In-year admissions

Please click here for further information from Bradford Council.

Coop Academy Parkland, after an appropriate consultation in line with the School Admissions Code, will be reducing its Published Admission Number (PAN) to 30 from September 2021. This change has been made as the Local Authority has advised us that the forecast for the next five years in the local area shows a reduction in pupil numbers and there will be enough school places locally without school having a PAN of 60. There were no objections to the reduction as part of the consultation.
This change is to be agreed by the Cooperative Academies Trust’s Growth and Acquisition Committee.
The Local Authority have been advised of the change.
Coop Academy Parkland continues to use the Local Authority Admissions Arrangements.
This change will not impact on any children currently in the academy.

Georgina Graham